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Many people benefit from seeing Psychologists to help them with difficulties they may be experiencing in their lives. Sometimes the difficulties may have been long-standing, and in other cases they may be relatively recent and in response to specific stressors or events. Clinical Psychologists can develop and deliver individualised plans of therapy to help people overcome their difficulties (either completely or partially), make positive changes, reduce distress and improve psychological well-being.

Inside Out Psychology is an independent private practice, providing a friendly, safe, confidential and comprehensive Clinical Psychology service across Chester, Wirral and Liverpool.  Owned by Dr Maria Knapp, Inside Out Psychology’s approach is one of care, respect, compassion, and collaboration.  Working with children, young people and adults, Inside Out Psychology aims to provide assessment and therapeutic services to support people in understanding their difficulties, facilitating change, improving emotional health and psychological well-being, and developing resilience.

Inside Out Psychology also provides training, consultation and supervision to other professionals.  Commissions to undertake specialised assessments and bespoke services for schools, businesses and other agencies are welcomed.

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